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Interesting Facts
Companies Act 2013 will replace
57 Years
old Companies Act 1956
Companies Act 2013 has
470 sections | 29 Chapters | 7 Schedules
Chapter 20
related to Winding up provisions is the longest chapter with 95 section.
Chapter 17/25/26
Related to Registered Valuer, Companies to furnish information on statistics & Nidhi are the smallest chapters with 1 section each.
35 new
definitions have been introduced in the Act.
230 sections
of Companies Act 1956 have failed to find a place in the new Act
Companies Act 1956 has more than
658 sections
while the new Act has just 470 section.
Is the number of places where the phrase ‘As may be Prescribed’ have been mentioned in the new Act.
India will be the first country to mandate
Corporate Social Responsibility
under any law.

2 times
the Companies Bill was referred to Standing Committee before being passed by the Parliament.