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The Companies Act, 2013has replaced more than half a century old Companies Act, 1956.The new Act proposes seminal changes in the manner in which companies are governed and regulated in India.

The new legislation offers lots of new challenges and opportunities, better governance, improves levels of transparency, enhance corporate responsibility and accountability, inculcating self compliance and making corporates socially responsible.

Many new restrictions have been imposed on the directors and the companies andthe punishment for offences committed under the Companies Law has been increased tremendously. From top to bottom being the Company Structure, Board Processes, Board Structure, Fund Raising Norms, Accounts & Audit, Disclosures and Transparency requirement, Insertion of new provisions and lot more; every aspect therein calls for change. The Corporates will have to gear themselves up to discharge the new responsibilities entrusted on them by the Regulations under the new law.

With the fundamental Corporate Systems and processes calling for a drastic overhaul, we wish to offer our full fledged support to lead you to the transitional phase. Our Product Company Law Makeover (CLM)is specially designed to assist the corporate entities in the smooth transition in complying with the new provisions introduced by the new Act.

CLM is a result of dedicated team and intense research undertaken in the subject since the introduction of the Bill in 2009. We aim to partner you in the transitional phase of unlearning & relearning.

The services provided under the product can be broadly divided into four heads:

Impact Assessment Reporting

  • Impact Assessment Reporting to the Board after identifying statutory changes to be brought about by the company in due course and their impact on the Company with focus on key areas like:
    • Company Structure
    • Disclosure & Compliances
    • Board & its Process
    • Accounts & Audit
    • Fund Raising
    • New requirements /concepts
    • Processes & Requirements

  • Impact Assessment Reporting on the company's ongoing transactions

Training & Orientation Programs

  • Arranging Customized Training/ Orientation Programs
  • Providing elaborative and subject specific presentations for the Board & other officer/departments regarding their specific requirements
Opinions & Advisory
  • Understanding proposed corporate actions and advising based on changes under the new law
  • Providing opinions on issues under New Company Law now and after the notification of the Rules framed thereunder.
  • Continuou sadvisory on implementation process of new law and other news.
Documentation & Compliances
  • Assistance in complete over hauling with respect to necessary documentation and drafting to meet the requirement of new Law such as
    • Articles of Association
    • Directors Report,
    • Code of Conductand,
    • Other forms and formats.
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