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Rule 2f of the CSR Rules, 2014 provides meaning of the net profit of a company as per its financial statement prepared in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Act, but shall not include the following, namely:— ii any dividend received from other companies in India, which are covered under and complying with the provisions of section 135 of the Act: Here I wish to know that any dividend received would be deducted from profit before tax or dividend is to be deducted of only those declaring cos which are covered under Section 135 of the Act. If yes to second option, whether disclosure of reason in Directors Report of not complying CSR liability shall be considered as compliance for the purpose of these rules.


Posted By: Rakesh jain 6 year(s) ago

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Expert    Ankit Singhi

Dividend received from companies who are required to comply with the provision of sec 135 need to be deducted out of profit before tax. Further, disclosure of reason in Director’s Report is a compliance

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