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Based on MCA circular 8/2014 and CSR rules, the CSR reporting in the directors report will not be applicable to a Company which has FY Jan – Dec 2014. The query is, are these companies whose FY have started prior to Apr 2014 required to spend any CSR budget in their FY 2014? Even if they spend, there is no reporting in their directors report for FY 2014. Query 2 is – Suppose a company is required to spend Rs.100 in a particular FY, was able to spend just Rs.60. The requirement is that Company shall give details of Rs.60 spent and the reason for not spending Rs.40 in the CSR report in the directors report. What will happen to Rs.40 that is unspent? Will it goes back to the business of the Company or needs to be spent in succeeding years. Please clarify with relevant provisions.


Posted By: Vijayamahantesh khannur 7 year(s) ago

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