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One Private Limited Company have appointed “Voluntarily” (Not Mandatorily as required in terms of Section 203 of the Act) one office of the Company as CEO who is not a Director of the Company. Kindly clarify the following :- 01. Will he term and considered as KMP in term of Provision of Section 2(51) of the Act ? 02. Will he termed and considered as officer in default in terms of Provision of section 2(60) of the Act ? 03. Whether the Company require to File Form DIR-12 in respect of his appointment as CEO ? 04. Is it mandatory to disclose details of appointment of such CEO in Board’s Report in terms of section 134 (3)(q) read with sub-rule 5 of rule 8 of the Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2015 ? 04. Is it mandatory to sign Financial Statements by him in terms of section 134(1) of the Act ?


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