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CompaniesAct.in: Graduated Things To Do
Key Issues and Actions

With more than 50% of Companies Act 2013 now operational , it time for corporates and professionals to gear up. Find out the immediate tasks and actions to be performed by the Company related to the new law

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Key timelines to remember

Find out the important timelines for filing various initmation etc. which should be remembered in routine operations
Statutory Registers

The new law has increased the number of information which are required to made in various statutory apart from providing some new registers.
Disclosures on Company website

Find out the list of discosures required to be made on the website of the company
Disclosures in Explanatory Statments

Find out the list of discosures required to be made in the explanatory statement of general meeting in case of various events
Privileges and Exemption

As compared to Act of 1956 , new law provides limited exemption or privileges to various class of companies. Find out what they are
Board Committees

Find out the list of committees which a company is required to constitute as per the new law
Policies & Codes

Find out the list of policies and codes which a company is required to prepare as per the new law
Eligibility Checker

Find out the compliances required to be done on having prescribed capital paid-up capital, turnover, networth etc including available exemptions.