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Application to be made to Registrar of Companies for the availability of name of the Company at the time of Incorporation of the Company or at the time of the change of  name of the Company.

Section 20 & 21 1A

Notice of situation or change of the registered office of the Company.

Section 146 Form 18
Application and declaration for the incorporation of a company. Section 33 Form 1
Appointment of managing director, directors, manager and secretary and the changes among them
Section 303,264 and 266 Form 32

Notice of increase in share capital independently by company 


Sections 97, 81 Form 5

Return of Allotment to be filed by the Company at the time of allotment of shares.

Section 75 Form 2

Form for filing Profit and Loss Account and other documents with the Registrar.

Section 220 Form 23ACA
Form for filing annual return by a company having share capital with the Registrar Section 159 Form 20B

Form for filing Annual Return by a company not having share capital.

Section 160 Form 21A
Form for filing Compliance Certificate obtained from a Practicing Company Secretary by the company Section 383A and Companies (Compliance Certificate) Rules, 2001 Form 66

Return of Appointment of managing director or whole-time director or manager, to be filed with the Registrar.

Section 269 and Schedule XIII Form 25C
Application to the Central Government for Approval of appointment or reappointment of managing or whole-time director(s) or manager Section 269 Form 25A

Application to be filed to the Central Government for the approval to the amendments of provisions relating to the Managing Director, Whole Time Director and Non Rotational Directors

Section 268 Form 25B

Particulars of Contracts relating to shares alloted as fully or partly paid-up other otherwise than in cash.

Section 75 Form 3

Information by Auditor to Registrar for appointment in Annual General Meeting

Section 224 Form 23B